Outdoor Mobile Stage

Production : London

Design : Ian Knowles

Description :

A newly developed modular acoustic performanceshell could vastly improve outdoor classical concerts.When it comes to outdoor classical concerts, theexperience can often be disappointing. This is mainlybecause outdoor stages are devoid of the acousticqualities of a concert hall. As a result the sound producedby the orchestra doesn’t project out to the audience, andthe musicians can’t properly hear the music they’replaying, making it difficult for them to play in time witheach other.In an effort to change this situation, Arup Acousticsassociate director Ian Knowles has helped design analternative, a shell-inspired prefabricated bespoke mobilestage that will provide an acoustically controlledperformance space.The medium-sized performance shell is designed to beerected over two days and dismantled in about 12 hours.It’s approximately 20m long x 16.8m wide, and is able toaccommodate a standard sized symphony orchestra ofabout 70 musicians. It allows direct sound to be projected twice as far as standard outdoor mobile performancestages. The final stage of the mobile performance shell’sassembly involves cladding the frame with a PVC skinthat doesn’t provide any translucency. The material isfitted using a luff track, which is an aluminium extrusionlike a mast on a sailing ship.


Link : www.arup.com