MOMA PS1 Cloud

Production : NewYork

Design : Bjarke Ingels Group

Description :

Bjarke Ingels Group is a Danish interdisciplinary group of architects, builders, designers and thinkers that operates in the fields of research, design, architecture and urbanism in Europe, the Middle East, USA and Asia.The installation named Cloud, developed for the MOMA in New York, consists of 99.9% air that is shaped into a cloud-like landscape for playing, relaxing, and dancing. The installation provides everything from seating to playgrounds to water to shade and light.Bjarke Ingels Group’s cloudscape takes each visitor from the entrance to the courtyard in a continuous form. It basically takes three main forms - a bubbly dune, a three-dimensional cumulus landscape and a cluster of free floating cirrus clouds.The installation is conceived as a three-month chapter in the cradle to cradle life-cycle design of the cloudscape. The fabric of the cloudscape is translucent recycled PVC, made from recycled truck bed covers and bags, reducing the environmental impact by 80% on average by eliminating the raw material extraction and production processes.

Link : www.big.dk