SandVenture Aquatic

Production : Shakopee, Minnesota, USA

Design : Oertel Architects

Description :

In Minnesota, summers are a celebration. After months of being confined in snow-covered houses and in frigid temperatures, Minnesotans relish every warm, sunny day that comes along. To offer a more enjoyable place for families spending a day of fun in the sun, the city of Shakopee, Minnesota, decided to upgrade its water park. The redesign of the SandVenture Aquatic Park, involved a building expansion to better accommodate guests and the addition of a new shade structure to add a festive feel to the place while providing much-needed shade. Because of the seasonal operation of the facility, the city wanted the structure to be easily removed and stored each winter. Oertel Architects paid careful attention to detail of the design of the structure to ensure it was technically sound while matching the overall look of the park. A crucial aspect of planning the structure was the selection of the appropriate fabric. Fade resistance, colour-fastness, wind resistance, tear resistance, aesthetic appeal and other factors had to be considered. A PVC-coated polyester fabric was deemed the ideal choice.


Link : www.oertelarchitects.com