Snog Yogurt Shop

Production : South Kensington, London, UK

Design : Cinimod Studio

Description :

London-based architects Cinimod Studio, in collaboration with Pablo Uribe of Studio Uribe and ICO Design, has designed the new Snog frozen yogurt shop in South Kensington, London.The designers intended the interior to represent a never-ending summer; the flooring is printed to look like grass, while vinyl flowers created by ICO Design cover the walls. More than 3,000 individually controlled LED lamps behind the translucent plastic ceiling are intended to evoke a summer sky, with colour and ‘clouds’ changing according to the time of day.The interior is deliberately quirky, with a photographic grass floor and a ‘digital sky’ which adjusts the mood of the store perpetually throughout the day and evenings. The bright pink brand colour forms the backdrop to the store.This design represents one of the best of the British design talents as it is fun yet sophisticated, bold yet attentive to the fine details, and above all demonstrates a compelling fusion of lighting with retail design. The end product is a delightfully engaging environment that should appeal to all.


Link : www.cinimodstudio.com