Prada Transformer

Production : Seul

Design : Rem Koolhaas

Description :

Prada Transformer, a portable, shape-shifting pavilion designed by Office for Metropolitan Architecture/Rem Koolhaas, has made its first appearance in Seoul, Korea. Commissioned by fashion brand Prada, the pavilion takes the form of a tetrahedron with one hexagonal face, one cross-shaped face, one rectangular face and one circular face. The building, entirely covered with a smooth PVC white membrane, flipped using cranes, completely reconfiguring the visitor’s experience with each new programme. Each side plan is precisely designed to organize a different event installation creating a building with four identities. Whenever one shape becomes the ground plan, the other three shapes become the walls and the ceiling defining the space, as well as referencing historic or anticipating future event configurations.“The interesting thing about this building is the acknowledgement of the Transformer as a dynamic organism, opposed to simply a static object, which arbitrarily fits program,” says Koolhaas. “Prada Transformer helps add an extra dimension regarding the treatment of this typology by allowing it to be molded in real time, depending on the specific programs it intends to facilitate inside”.


Link : www.prada-transformer.com