Design Miami Pavilion

Production : Miami, Florida, USA

Design : Aranda & Lasch

Description :

One of the more ambitious design festivals is Design Miami, which takes place twice a year: in Switzerland the exhibition is held in June, and in Miami, the exhibition is held in the historic Design District in December. One of Miami’s highlights is the building designed to house these exhibitions, an immense and unusually-shaped fabric pavilion that almost defied the laws of ‘tentology.’ The modified off-the-shelf tent structure was designed by Aranda & Lasch, an award-winning young architecture practice from New York. They wanted to celebrate and show the possibilities of a temporary structure, pushing the envelope with what can be done with a tent. The architects took that envelope, raised its PVC roof, suspended portions of it in the air, folded back its sides, and cut a pattern of shapes in a mesh overlay which they then draped down the sides of their structure like a lovely half-eaten lace tablecloth. Light sparkles through the brightly lit interior and spills out of those shapes, giving the structure the seductive look of a space that is both contemporary and antique. Laserexecuted, the cut-outs are from a computer disk supplied by the architects. The pattern seems reminiscent of the special interest in patterns as a way to open up design possibilities that Aranda & Lasch continues to explore.


Link : www.beta.arandalasch.com