Production : Palos Verdes, California

Design : Ten Architecture

Description :

Silverspur is a 10,000 square metre renovation of a modernist office building located on the Palos Verdes peninsula in Southern California. On the interior, small offices were removed to create large, open-loft spaces and sustainable design elements were integrated. On the exterior a new façade was developed to increase both the energy efficiency of the building and create a transformative new building image. The building façade is composed of perforated, micro-laminated solar PVC fabric stretched over steel frames that are anchored to the cantilevered concrete building slabs at various angles depending on the Sun’s orientation and building program. The solar fabric reflects 80% of the incoming solar gain while allowing for full transmission of natural daylight. From inside the building one has complete vision of the landscape and the city beyond. The cladding also changes throughout the day depending on the position of the sun, appearing opaque in the direct sun and translucent as the sun moves obliquely to the façade.


Link : www.xtenarchitecture.com