Remota Hotel

Production : Patagonia, Chile

Design : Germàn del Sol Architects

Description :

The Hotel Remota, designed by Germán del Sol, is a striking new eco-lodge near Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, Chile. The hotel’s architecture is an invitation to stop and meditate on the trip’s experience, in the splendour of the remote. The Hotel Remota looks slightly less beautiful than the surrounding vistas, but that’s exactly how greenarchitect Germàn del Sol intended it to be.Hotel Remota offers warm interiors to shield visitors from the wind and cold. From a distance, it looks like an outsized black barn in the vastness of the Patagonian plains. So distant from the city, that it is immersed in nature and the culture of a remote and untouched place, but yet so close to the comfort to which the city has got us used to, that it may also offer some essential luxury. The pillars and roof were made first to protect the workers from the bad weather. Then the structure was enclosed with plywood panels industrially made, and very easy to hang. Once the panels were fixed to the slabs, they were coated with the asphalt membrane. The PVC double glazing windowpanes were hung afterwards. The construction process was a continuous sequence of work, that allowed many different teams to work simultaneously.


Link : www.remota.cl