Waiting Room

Production : Rome

Design : Jeffrey Inaba

Description :

The infamous Policlinico Umberto 1 in Rome, Italy, has inspired Jeffrey Inaba of Inaba Projects to design a new waiting room. The hospital, which has been known for its unsanitary conditions, is also known for its waiting room, which is anything but pleasant. The melancholy that sets in while waiting for test, to be discharged, for that appointment with the doc etc, is dreadful.The waiting room by Inaba serves as an anti-thesis to this problem of waiting and aims to distract the person waiting from boredom and melancholy. The Waiting Room features a mix of activities, stimulations and a mélange of people that would certainly make the wait at the hospital slightly more interesting, if not driving you ecstatic. It has also been described as an anti-prison where time passes by thanks to the strange design and structure and the one who waits doesn’t realize the passing of time and is thus saved from the torture of waiting.This strange architectural masterpiece is meant to develop colors, geometric shapes lights, shapes and designs, which are totally against the accepted norms, and creates a surreal atmosphere.

Link : www.inabaprojects.com