Inamo Restaurant

Production : London, UK

Design : Blacksheep

Description :

English interior architecture and design office Blacksheep have designed the interior for Inamo, a restaurant in London, UK, with interactive projections on the tables. A projector and computer are suspended above each table; customers can use a touch panel to order food, access the kitchen webcam, play games, change the pattern projected onto the Corian table top and source local information.

Blacksheep also contributed to all the restaurant’s graphic applications, adapting the existing identity with new iconography for signage, menus and marketing materials as well as all environmental graphics, from graphic wallpaper to graphic tablecloths, shop-front etched patterns and illuminated screens, with all pattern work inspired by and adapted from traditional Asian print designs.

To protect interior light levels, the glazed restaurant windows have a graphic vinyl applied featuring solid and translucent star patterns, creating a strong graphic statement as well as protecting interior light levels. The vinyl graphic nonetheless allows tantalising glimpses of the interior and of the Blacksheep-designed ‘cocoons’ which house the projectors, computers and frames and which sit above each table.


Link : www.blacksheepweb.com